The Path Forward

Posted April 06, 2021

Dear North Shore Parents, Faculty, Staff, and Community Members,
As you have probably heard, after much consideration, I share with you today that I will be resigning my position as Superintendent of the North Shore Schools. This wasn’t an easy decision, but one that I came to after a great deal of reflection with my family. I expect that the North Shore Board of Education will accept my resignation on Thursday, April 15, 2021.  I have accepted a position of Superintendent of Schools in Westchester County and I anticipate my work will begin there this upcoming summer.

During these past four years our schools have evolved and grown in many ways. Student achievement and wellness are at the forefront of our work, our strategic plan remains a powerful compass to direct our priorities, and we are on the precipice of commencing bond projects that will revolutionize our instructional spaces while supporting teaching and learning in modern, secure, and environmentally conscientious ways.  We weathered a pandemic together and reopened our schools safely and joyfully. It’s been an outstanding ride and I am proud of our successes together as a governance team.  I extend my gratitude to the North Shore parents and members of the community for supporting our ambitions and for challenging me in ways that have enabled me to think through solutions more creatively. Our schools perform at a higher level due to the strength of our relationships.

Communities and schools are most successful when partnerships are strong. To that end, I wish to thank the Board of Education for their thoughtful and forward-thinking approaches to their governance of our schools. They are a hard-working, committed group of people and I appreciate having had the opportunity to lead our schools alongside them.  Our success would not be possible without the incredible talents of our central office leadership, Ms. Buatsi, Dr. Zublionis, as well as our entire leadership team. Each and every day they remain keenly focused on our children, support the work of the District, and through their words and actions, enable me to be a better educator and leader.

Our schools are outstanding, and a North Shore education is both unique and special. Our motto is “Discovering Your Dreams,” and it is what drives our work each day. Direct instruction, support services, and every aspect of our instructional and non-instructional support programs are aimed at student success. I thank the very talented faculty and staff of these fine schools. Excellent teaching and learning in North Shore hinges on two key groups of people- teachers and students. North Shore’s teachers leave me in awe each day. They work with purpose and persistence to embody our District’s motto.  North Shore’s students are engaged, kind, and fill me with hope each day. They are always the best part of the day for me, inspire me, and bring sheer joy to my work.

These next few months will be busy ones. We have much to do together and my focus will be on ensuring that our good work continues and that the transition to new leadership is completed with great care and precision for our students, faculty, and staff. In closing, I thank you for sharing your children with me over these past four years and look forward to the many celebrations of teaching, learning, music, art, and athletics that are before us as we close out the academic year together, Viking Strong!

With warmest regards,

Dr. Peter Giarrizzo
Superintendent of Schools