MS & HS Math Students Medal at Al Kalfus Long Island Math Fair

“North Shore Math Department is proud of our middle school and high school research students for their accomplishments at this year's Al Kalfus Long Island Math Fair, said Secondary Director of Math and Technology, Ms. Amy DiMeola.

Under the direction of Ms. Laura Wilson at North Shore Middle School and Mr. Charles Wankel at North Shore High School, 18 North Shore students engaged in a rigorous study of a mathematical topic of their choosing throughout the course of the entire school year. Their work culminated in the writing of a technical research paper and a presentation recorded on Flipgrid. Students submitted their work for virtual judging, along with students from over 30 other middle and high schools from across Long Island. All 18 of our North Shore students who submitted their research achieved a Gold, Silver, or Bronze medal this year!

Ms. DiMeola said, “Conducting research at this level and conveying it in both the written and presentation format is an outstanding accomplishment. Having every single one of our entrants earn the highest honors for their work is an exciting milestone for our schools and our math department. Moreover, reaching those achievements during this challenging year is something our students should be extremely proud of.”

Please help us congratulate our students for their work in the following areas:

Middle School:
Aaryan Vira (8) - Kepler's Laws - Gold
Graham Lippert (8) - Topological Surfaces - Silver
Courtney Yee (8) - Paradoxes of Infinity - Gold
Sebastian Park (8) - Infinite Series - Gold
Caroline Winchester (8) - The 4-Color Map Theorem - Gold
Eli Weseley-Jones (8) - Game Theory & Blackjack - Gold

High School:

Sabrina Chiu (9) Fractals - Gold Noah Lee (9) The Probability and the Roots of a Quadratic - Gold
Jessica Leonard (9) RSA Codes - Gold
Harry Levin (9) The Packing Problem in the Time of COVID - Gold
Ella Scheffel (11) A Geometric Solution to a Quadratic Equation - Gold
Annika Kaelin (9) Cardinality- Silver
Caden Paradis (9) Skateboards and Math - Silver
Matthew Nochowitz (10) Rugby and Math - Silver
Laura Peck (9) Calculating Logarithms by Hand –Bronze
Alexander Bischoff (10) Radii of Inscribed and Escribed Circles - Bronze
Michael Fleming (10) Pascal's Triangle and Powers of Eleven - Bronze
Angelica Frangopoulos (10) Perfect Triangles - Bronze

Article submitted by Amy DiMeola, Director of Secondary Math and Technology.