Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day   

SC Celebrates St. Patrick’s Day                                                                                                    
Sea Cliff School Celebrates in St. Patrick Day
Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day has always been a school-wide tradition at Sea Cliff School. Physical Education Teacher Ms. Megan McCormack said, “This year we replicated our morning St. Patrick’s Day parade in our physical education classes and our K-5 students had the opportunity to walk or run through our outdoor route.” 
The students dressed in green and wore different St. Patrick’s Day hats while sharing their traditions. They discussed with their peers the local parades that they have attended and the good times that they have spent with their family and friends.
Ms. McCormack continued, “The older students had to pace themselves to achieve a goal that they had accomplished including how many laps they had ran around the school. Additionally, they had the opportunity to participate in our Sea Cliff drive through Movie Theater!”
To the delight of the Sea Cliff younger students, Ms. McCormack and Mr. DiNicola led the students on a treasure hunt to find numbers and letters to create words and other magical St. Patrick’s Day objects including gold, leprechaun dust, and coins. Fun was had by all of the children at Sea Cliff School. A special thank you goes out to the Central Office team for letting the Sea Cliff students utilize their lawn!

This article was written with assistance from Ms. Megan McCormack

Photos by Megan McCormack and Shelly Newman