Kindergarteners Learn About Animals that Hibernate, Migrate, and Adapt at Glen Head School
For the past month, kindergarten students at Glen Head School have been learning about animals in winter. On February 23rd, each of the three kindergarten classes under the direction of their teachers Ms. Loring, Ms. Whyte, and Ms. Clagnaz participated in a Hibernation Party as a fun way to celebrate this comprehensive unit of study.

The young students learned that animals either hibernate, migrate, or adapt to survive the colder months. Among the things they learned about hibernation are that animals eat heavily beforehand to store up energy and that they find a safe place such as a cave or burrow to spend the winter in. Some of the hibernators include bears, hedgehogs, snakes, and bats. Other animals such as geese, monarch butterflies, and whales head south to warmer climates to find food and raise their young. In addition, the kindergarten students learned that many animals adapt to the colder climate and ‘tough it out’ through winter. The fur of the snowshoe hare, for example, turns white in winter to camouflage them with the snow.  They also have large furry feet to act as snowshoes.

During the Hibernation Celebration, kindergarteners came to school in pajamas armed with stuffed animals and large sheets to create hibernation caves. They created bear ears, made pinecone birdfeeders, played an ‘animals in winter’ game, made fake snow, sang songs about animals in winter and more. Ms. Loring shared that “our hibernation party is such a fun way for the students to celebrate all that they have learned. A very fun time was had by all!”

Article and photos by Shelly Newman with guidance from Ms. Allison Loring