North Shore High School Kiwanis Student of the Month Awards

Congratulations go out to seniors, Sophie Rosencrans (January­), Anthony Anzalone (February), Christina Pais (March), and Emma Morley (April), of North Shore High School for receiving the Kiwanis Student of the Month Award. The Kiwanis Club of North Shore has sponsored this recognition for more than 15 years

Chairperson for the Kiwanis Club of North Shore, Ms. Julia Salat stated, “A criteria for this respected award is that each student needs to perform at least 50 hours of community service. North Shore High School faculty members nominate a number of students based on how active they are in their school and community. Profiles are prepared by the guidance department that summarizes information by year of each candidate including all their school activities, outside school activities, extracurricular activities, and the number of community service hours each student achieved for their four years at North Shore High School.”

Ms. Salat added, “The North Shore school committee members comprised of the principal or assistant principal, guidance counselors, teacher representatives, and the community service coordinator jointly meet with the Kiwanis committee members five times during the year to then select the student of the month winners. Two students are selected at each meeting.”

Prior to the pandemic, the Kiwanis Club invited the honorees and their parents or guardians to a special dinner to congratulate them with a beautiful plaque. Currently, each student award winner, his or her families, and teachers are invited to attend a Kiwanis Zoom meeting where students are recognized during the ceremony.

The Kiwanis Club plaque presentation with Lauren and Sophie was held in March 2021 with Principal Eric Contreras and members of the Kiwanis Club at North Shore High School. Ms. Salat said, “As soon as in personal gatherings are allowed, we will go back to our dinners. We can’t wait!” 

Congratulations to Sophie, Anthony, Christina, and Emma on being the Kiwanis Students of the Month!                                                                                                                          

Article written with Assistance from Ms. Julia Salat. Photos by Shelly Newman