Healthy Heart Week 2021

Healthy Heart Week 2021 Celebrated at the North Shore Schools
On February 8, 2021, healthy heart week began at each of the three North Shore elementary schools including Sea Cliff School, Glenwood Landing School, and Glen Head Schools. The K-5 students learned about heart health and were taught how to keep their hearts strong and healthy!

To make things engaging, meaningful and fun, students participated in district-wide healthy heart week challenges from February 8th-February 12th. All K-5 elementary students including our remote learners competed across grade levels in a variety of fitness activities related to each fitness component. Each student strived to reach their own personal best while working to score the greatest number of points for their respective school!

All the elementary physical education teachers encouraged their school community to wear red on Monday, February 8th,and participate in a healthy heart themed week to display their commitment towards leading a healthy lifestyle.

Below lists the themes for each day of the week:

Monday, February 8th

Tuesday, February 9th

Wednesday, February 10th

Thursday, February 11th

Friday, February 12th 

Kick off healthy heart week by wearing red! 

Drink 8 glasses of water! 

Pick out a healthy dinner meal! 

Set a goal to be active for 60 minutes today!

Love your heart with a family walk!

Students, faculty, and staff celebrated the end of healthy heart week with PAJAMA DAY!  Students were encouraged to happily wear their best winter or Valentine's Day themed pajamas to show they make healthy choices by getting enough sleep! Thank you for everyone’s support. 

Article written with assistance from Ms. Megan McCormack
Photos by Shelly Newman