Congrats Cast and CREW of Emma JV

Congratulations to the Cast and CREW of Emma JV, a Pop Musical
On February 6, 2021, the North Shore Middle School Masquers’ presented Emma JV, an upbeat, modern adaptation of the novel Emma, by Jane Austen, first published in 1815.  The musical (like the novel) centers around the title character of Emma as she meddles in the affairs of those around her. Acting as a pseudo-matchmaker for Highbury Prep, Emma falls blind to her own emotions and happiness. 
Congratulations to the cast including Ginger Sanborn, Josef Hunter, Samantha Glatt:  John Skamagas, Violet Ganzekaufer, Mae Curiale, Mollie Regan, Giuliana Zaccagnino,   and Ava Maffei. Bravo to the Welcoming Committee including Abigail Neice, Ava Maffei, Brooke Goldstein, Haley Nugent, and the Ensemble including Julia Friedberg, Joanna Kim, Abigail Monte, and Olivia McCarthy.
A standing ovation goes out to the Stage Crew including Isabelle Butt (Stage Manager, HS Mentor), Olivia Kenny, Sophie Leigh, Alexa Petulla, Mia Pinto, Joshlynn Wang, and Choreography Crew including Chelsea Dulaski (Assistant Choreographer, HS Mentor) and Emma Dulaski (Assistant Choreographer, HS Mentor). Bravo to the Light Crew including Logan Citko (Lighting Designer, HS Mentor), James Vanchieri (HS Mentor), 
Ian Zhan (HS Mentor), and the Sound Crew including Hayden Citko (HS Mentor). A round of applause to the Costume Crew including Mikayla Carleo (Head of Costume, HS Mentor), Riley Altman (HS Mentor),Abigail Banner (HS Mentor), Alejandra Lopez (HS Mentor), Isabella Marchese (HS Mentor), and Isabella Visintainer (HS Mentor).
In addition, kudos to Damien Chillemi (director), Brian Messemer (vocal director), Simone Kuranishi (choreographer), Diane Vestuto (production manager), Ben Benfield (set and construction manager), Chakira Doherty (costume designer), and everyone who worked tirelessly to help make this musical a success.

Photos by Shelly Newman and Dalia Rodriguez