HS MUSICAL - ADDAMS FAMILY                             
Congrats Cast & Crew of the Addams Family Musical

Congratulations goes out to the cast and crew of the NSHS's Masquers' The Addams Family. With a cast of 19, a crew of 50, and an orchestra of 10, this was one of the few live streaming high school musicals that happened anywhere in the entire nation. Kudos to everyone who helped make this event a night of laughter, great music, and a look at how even when things are at their darkest, love wins.

Bravo to the cast and crew including:
Christian Accardi (Directing/Stage), Riley Altman (Costume), Ava Attina (Stage), Abigail Banner (Costume), Brooke  Bartilucci  (Costume), Sophie Blumenthal Production), Cedric Buschfrers (Cast), Isabelle Butt (Stage), Mikayla Carleo (Costume), Charles Cerrito (Stage), Erin Checca (Production), Hayden Citko (Sound), Logan Citko (Light), Kaitlyn Correa (Cast), Mia Crocco (Cast/Production), Quinn Cullen (Video), Ella DeSane (Stage), Chelsea Dulaski (Production), Emma Dulaski (Production), Stephen Eder (Pit), Maiko Giannakis (Cast), Faith Glazarev (Stage), Christina Goslin (Costume), Azure Harvey (Stage), William Hunt (Pit), Rachel Ilberg (Costume), Anika Kaelin (Stage), Olivia Lamond (Light), Bridget Lewis (Cast), Elizabeth Lockwood (Cast), Samantha Lockwood (Cast), Alejandra Lopez (Costume), Sofia Macrigiane (Stage), Brooke Marzlock (Production), Shea McDonnell (Directing), Grace Miller (Costume), Michael Morello (Stage/Directing), Layla Morrissey (Cast), Ava Moynihan (Production), Collin Murphy (Stage), Emma Novikov (Stage), Josephy Nyffler (Stage), James Owens (Light), Melissa Palmetto (Cast), Lily Perrotta (Pit), Emilie Preuss (Production), Matthew Rodriguez (Pit), Fiona Sabo (Video/Directing), Ryaan Sabooni (Video), Gregory Saridakis (Cast), Hannah Schoen (Stage), Abigail Schwab (Directing), Leona Seepersad (Production) Isabel Segal (Cast), Alexandra Selmani (Cast), Rubin Shonik (Pit), Joshua Song (Sound), Henry Spina (Cast), Henry Spina (Cast), Julianna Stefos (Video), Zachary Sullivan (Cast), Max Tandy (Stage), Aidan Tandy (Stage), Liam Tandy (N/A), Caroline Tyrkko (Stage), James Vanchieri (Pit), Calvin Viscovich (Cast), Emery Viscovich  (Cast), Isabella Visintainer (Costume), Mia Wasniewski (Stage), Ava Winter (Stage), Josef Winter (Cast), Kyle Wolf (Cast), and Ian Zhan (Light).

Many thanks to everyone including Director Michael Kleba who helped make this North Shore High School musical a success!

Article by Shelly Newman and photos provided Jason Domingo and Shelly Newman