Virtual Induction


Congratulazioni! 116 NS High School Students Inducted into World Language Honor Society

Congratulations to all of the North Shore High School students who were inducted into the World Language Honor Society through a virtual ceremony on November 9, 2020.

Mr. Steven Burgos, the advisor of the World Language Honor Society, led the ceremony and stated the following words to the high school inductees and their parents/guardians, “It is a great honor to welcome you all to the 2020 World Language Honor Society Induction Ceremony. The students sitting here tonight not only decided to continue studying a language for two additional years past the requirement, proving their dedication to becoming more global citizens, but they have also stood out by maintaining an excellent GPA and have promised to dedicate their own time to spread their love for their language within the school and community. Right now we have the opportunity to appreciate and celebrate the hard work, consistent effort, positive character and attitudes, constant studying, and overall commitment of our students to World Languages. Let’s have a round of applause for our 2020 inductees.”

He continued, “When students accepted their nomination into the world language honor society, they were asked to reflect on a few questions relating to world language study. As students’ names are called during the ceremony, the reflection question that they chose to be shared will be read aloud. I was so happy to see how many North shore seniors value being global citizens-caring for the whole world, multi-lingual communicators, inquirers into other cultures and open- minded about understanding them, risk takers as they put themselves out there speaking in another language, and knowledgeable thinkers as they make connections between the languages and culture they study and their own languages and cultures.”

Congratulations go out to the following students including:

French Students 
Sophie Blumenthal, Laurence Gemme, Bridget Lewis, Grace Lisena and Grace Mcginley

Italian Students 
Angelica Abbondandolo, Gianna Albanese, Rose Ancona, Isabella Barbetta, Ariana Bordone, Lucas Castle, Marianna Rose Chebuske, Michael Cristofari, Kayla DePalma, Isabella Gannon, Melissa Geraci, Giuliana Graziosi, Lauren Hagen, Anna Kulikowski, Emma Malone, Analisa Neos, Cassandra Nochowitz, Christina Pais, Samantha Passuello, Jason Saulle, Margaret Smith, Matthew Symbouras, Isabella Tedesco, Audree Toner, and Haley Waiksnis

Latin Students
Natalia DiFeo, Kaitlyn Gaeta, Camille Gonzalez, Luke Jacklin, Cole Jacklin, Christian Kellerman, Kevin Larkin, Scott Lenney, Nick Perciballi, Sara Rush, and Luke Vaccaro

Mandarin Student
Jules Firouztale, Christina Goslin, Matthew Grinberg, Sasha Hirsch, Lizzie Lockwood
Sarah Moughal, Ariadna Pavlidis-Sanchez, Henry Rieger, Catherine Salditt, Calvin Viscovich, Joden Wang, and Ryan Wezwick

Spanish Students
Olivia Aikman, Emma Arboleda, Abby Banner, Caroline Baptista, Lauren Belanger
Samantha Berg, Robert Brown, Alexa Brumm, Dean Caldwell, Jackson Cooperman,
Gillian D’Amico, Elizabeth Denley, Meredith Durka, Danny Eisenstein, Christina Forsander, Demi Fortich, Isabella Fuentes, Vasilis Ganasoulis, Dhruv Gandhi, Rylan Gaynor, Michael Gimondo, Alexandra Ginter, Ashton Guss, Jamie Holzmann, Aiden Horstmann, Celia Labbate, Gavin Lacy, Philip LaRosa, Jack Ledden, Joe Lehane, Kayley Lehane, Aidan LePorin, Alejandra Lopez, Aiden Mandell, Isabella Marchese, Lucia Martin, Alianna McCoy, Lillian Molesky, Emma Morley, Julia Morrissey, Terence Murphy, Emma Novikov, Oliver Palone, Carson Paradis, Zain Pastula, Bela Perez, Noelle Pappous, Ian Roach, Matt Rosen, Sam Rosencrans, Sophie Rosencrans, Lauren Ruisi, Nina Ruisi, Pamela Salas, Alexandra Stoff, Ruizhe (Richie) Sun, Sabina Tejpaul Javis Vermeersch, Kelly Weber, Kate Weseley-Jones, Kyle Wolf, and Jeffrey Yu.

Mr. Burgos concluded by saying, “I am extremely proud of all of you, I’m glad that we share a love for languages and cultures, and I am thankful to you and all your parents for the constant support and willingness needed to advance your skills in language study.

Special thanks go out to all of the teachers in the World Language department at North Shore High School. Thank you to Zain Pastula, President of the World Language Honor Society, who also spoke at the event. It was a memorable World Language Honor Society Induction Ceremony for all of those in attendance including proud family, friends, and faculty members. Congratulations to all!

Photos provided by teacher Mr. Steven Burgos
Article by Shelly Newman with assistance from Steven Burgos