“Magic” Play-Doh Wows Glen Head School Kindergarten Class

Kindergarteners in Ms. Kirsten Clagnaz class along with new Principal Dr. Peter Rufa had a special surprise when she invited her students on Friday, September 6, to sit with her on the rug. She explained to her enthusiastic students that inside the box she was holding was plastic bags filled white balls of “magic” Play-Doh for everyone. She told her class, “That if they closed their eyes and wished real hard for a successful school year, the “magic” Play-Doh would turn colors when they squished and squeezed them in their hands!”

You could hear the gasps of excitement from the students as she handed it out to each of the children and Principal Rufa. Some children said, “No way…”, while others shouted, “This is the best day ever!”

Ms. Clagnaz instructed the children to take the “magic” Play-Doh out of the bags. As they rolled it and squished it in their hands, you could hear the screams of joy as the children shouted, “Mine is turning blue, mine is turning red, and mine is turning green!” Ms. Clagnaz then asked them to go sit at their tables and creatively work with the Play-Doh turning it into different shapes and long tubes (e.g. like pizza dough!) They were asked to communicate to their classmates what was happening with their Play-Doh and what shapes they were making.

Parents please ask your children about their “magic” Play-Doh experience. For example, “What color did their “magic” Play-Doh turn?” or “What and how many shapes were they able to make with it? Thank you to Ms. Clagnaz for this magical, hands-on, educational experience for her kindergarten students at Glen Head School. It will be a day that they and Principal Dr. Rufa will remember for the rest of the new school year!
Article and photos by Shelly Newman