MS E3: Everyone Matters


MS E3 Day: Everyone Matters

On Friday, October 25, to coincide with Red Ribbon Week, all of North Shore Middle School participated E3 Day: Everyone Matters focusing on mental health, wellness, and stress management.

E3 day began at 8:00 am with sixth graders working in teams to complete a digital scavenger hunt centered on the topic of mindfulness and stress management, while the seventh and eighth graders met for an assembly with Dr. Nina LoGiudice, a "world expert" in mindfulness and natural medicine.  

Students attended three workshops of their choosing from a list of approximately 25 different activities including from a list of the following categories:

  • Creative Activities: Henna Designing, Zentangles. Improv Comedy, Friendship Bracelets, Mindfulness Drumming, Board Games, Connect 4, Cash Flow 101 Game, Coloring/Art Therapy, Vision Boards, Paper Tweets, Sing-along, and Laugh.


  • Physical Activities: Dance Fitness, Hiking, Golf, Volleyball, Intense HIIT, RADD Fitness, Viking Performance, Running, jogging, and stretching, and Pickleball.
  • Introspective Activities: Books on the Beach, Rock Your Style, Yoga, Mindfulness Meditation, Reading, Gardening, Puzzles, Walks on the Beach, Knitting, Therapy Dogs, Grassroots, and Salt Cave (Glen Cove).  


Students with teacher chaperones even participated in a variety of interesting trips to Viking Performance, Glen Cove Salt Cave, Dog Ability in Syosset, Tappen Beach, and Grassroots restaurant for a workshop on nutrition.

In North Shore Middle School, you could see the students fully engaged in each activity. One student remarked, “This is the best day ever…I wish every day could be like this!”

The afternoon concluded with a trip to the North Shore High School auditorium to listen to a mindfulness speaker, Steven Pinto, who led a presentation on the topic of mindfulness, building on many of the concepts taught in-group guidance lessons through Mind Up. 

Please ask your North Shore Middle School students about the three different important activities that they participated in during E3: Everyone Matters Day. We hope that it provided a break from their often busy and stressful daily academic routine and helped them focus on mental health, wellness, and stress management.

Many thanks to all of the middle schools guidance counselors for putting this wonderful day together.

Article and photos by Shelly Newman