Glenwood Landing Bash the Trash

Bash the Trash Educates GWL Students on How Art, the Environment and Science Work Together

A message of sustainability and science through music

For over two decades, Bash the Trash (BTT) scientist/musicians have been performing with musical instruments made from recycled and reused materials and educating students around the world. BTT is a group of dedicated artist/educators dedicated to raising environmental awareness through the arts. Combining science, music and environmental awareness through performance, programs and social initiatives, the ensemble have always focused on how art, the environment, and science work together.

At Glenwood Landing, the Bash the Trash’s scientist/musicians discussed how they invented and composed songs with many strange-looking but great-sounding brass, woodwinds, strings and percussion instruments made from recycled and reused materials. They displayed how the instruments were made from repurposed materials found everywhere, specifically landfills and you’re your garbage including bottles, cans, and paper towel rolls! With a parent supervision and approval, students were encouraged to make their own instruments at home and play music!

During the month of April, Earth Day month, three members of Bash the Trash visited Glenwood Landing School while also completing over 70 performances in 31 schools in four different states across the nation. Additionally, they performed festivals at Carnegie Hall, the American Museum of Natural History and other well-known venues. Close to 20,000 students, families and educators were in attendance to hear their message of sustainability and science through music.

Thank you to all of those who helped make this fun, educational performance a success.

Article and photos by Shelly Newman