2nd Continental Congress Reenactment

4th Graders Reenact the Second Continental Congress at GWL

The Glenwood Landing fourth grade students were immersed in a study of the American Revolution. Students carefully analyzed the events leading up to the revolution and, through School-Wide Enrichment Services (SWES), examined various perspectives of the colonists living during this time period. Ms. Marcantonio said, “This lens helped prepare our young thinkers for an upcoming debate. Students reenacted the Second Continental Congress and argued various points of views - the side of those wanting to remain loyal to Britain and those who sought independence. This work connects beautifully to the curriculum, NY State Standards and our district's Shared Valued Outcomes.”

Many students expressed interest in dressing the part of a loyalist or patriot for the debate. This was encouraged, but not mandatory. No items needed to be purchased, as the GWL students used the reenactment as an opportunity to be creative and resourceful. For example, a coffee filter made for a lovely ruffled shirt or a large piece or white paper or fabric. An old hat was turned into a wig with cotton balls to replicate the white hair of our ancestors! Ms. Marcantonio concluded by saying, “More importantly than the costume was the critical thinking, reading, writing, and oral speaking and listening skills embedded within this unit. Our fourth graders students beautifully demonstrated this and successfully brought history alive through the art of debate!”

Article written with assistance from Ms. Audra Marcantonio and photos by Shelly Newman