GWL Mock Trial

GWL Mock Trial Club Holds Court

For months, over 26 students in the Glenwood Landing Mock Trial Club diligently prepared for their complex case, The State of NY v. Michael Walker charged with Assault in the 2nd Degree when a Hockey game ended with an altercation in the stands between two opposing players, and a mom was hit with a stick in the fight. 

In May 2019, parents and family members were invited to attend a dress rehearsal of their “young” lawyers, court personnel, and witnesses under the direction of School-wide Enrichment Specialist, Mrs. Audra Marcantonio. Dressed in their best suits, dresses, and/or slacks and shirts, members of the GWL Mock Trial Club pleaded their case to the judge, Mrs. Carolyn Mazzu Genovesi, Esq., a talented lawyer who over the years has shared her wisdom and expertise to the numerous hardworking, legal-minded, elementary students of Glenwood Landing School.

Whether assigned to the prosecution or the defense team, participation in the Mock Trial Club requires students to communicate, collaborate, and cooperate with one another in exploring legal solutions to the complex case before them: The State of NY v. Michael Walker

The GWL Mock Trial Club spent months developing trial strategy, formulating questions for direct examination and cross examination, and drafted opening statements and closing arguments. The dedicated students worked collaboratively to craft and practice questioning strategies, revise theories, learn and rehearse trial testimony and etiquette (including making and responding to objections. Additionally, they needed to understand and apply complex relevant legal standards to the facts of the case and communicate and interact cohesively to be successful. Not an easy task, and very authentic to a real courtroom.

On May 10th, two of the North Shore Mock Trial teams will compete at Suffolk Community College. Thank you to all of the parents, families, teachers, chaperones, and students for their devotion to the GWL Mock Trial Club.

Article and photos by Shelly Newman with expertise from Mrs. Marcantonio