Innovate Program Launches

Glen Head Launches 2019 iInnovate Program Emphasizing Six Simple Machines

The goal is for students to use at least one simple machine to solve a problem to help a living thing
Principal Nimmo said, “I am pleased to announce that we are in the process of launching this year's iInnovate program. We will continue to focus on addressing problems related to living things as we are committed to helping others. However, we will be learning about the six simple machines (lever, inclined plane, pulley, wheel and axle, wedge and screw) and how they help us make work easier to do.”

Principal Nimmo is meeting with each class to introduce the idea of simple machines and engage students in a problem-solving challenge where they create a complete marble run. Students will work in teams of three or four and practice testing their ideas and making revisions as necessary in order to improve upon their ideas. She said, “You might want to ask your child what a simple machine is (a tool that makes work easier) and to name a few tools that we looked at today (screwdriver, hammer, nut cracker, plier, can opener.)”

During the next several weeks, Glen Head students will have many opportunities to "build" using simple machines in order to become more familiar with each of their uses. Mrs. Nimmo added, “They will incorporate the simple machines into Rube Goldberg-type inventions. Ultimately, the goal is for students to use at least one simple machine to solve a problem to help a living thing.”

A member of the Science Museum of Long Island will work with students in Grades 2-5 on Tuesday, April 16, and Wednesday, April 17, creating a special program that is age-appropriate for students in kindergarten and first grade focusing on some of the machines.

Students will be collecting materials including recycled materials, tape and boxes; and deciding on a project that utilizes one simple machine to address a problem to help a living thing. Thank you in advance for your support.

Article provided by Principal Lori Nimmo                       Photos by Shelly Newman