Science Congress Awards

NS Middle School Science Congress Awards

8th Grade Science Research Awards

Congratulations go out to five North Shore Middle School eighth graders who completed a science research project in the Science Research club and presented their research at the Long Island Science Congress. Their projects were completed before and after school Ms. Maryalice Kelly in the Science Research Club. There were over 800 students from all over Long Island participating at this science fair held at St. Anthony's High School in April 2018.

Congratulations to the following NS Middle School students: 

Saniya Jasani - Award: Honorable Mention 
The Inhibitory Effects of Ethyl Alcohol Concentration on the Growth of E. Coli Bacteria.

Christina Vasilakis & Julia McLellan - Award: Meritorious
The Effects of Fertilizer Runoff from Local Golf Courses on the Amounts of Dissolved Oxygen Levels in Hempstead Harbor

Anna LeSolliec - Award: Honors Trophy
The Inhibitory Effects of Various Antibiotics on the Growth Eschericha coli and Bacillus cereus Bacteria

Olivia Lamond - Award - Honors Trophy
Award - $100 for Most Distinguished Categorical - Microbiology/Genetics 
The Natural Inhibitory Effects of Various Spices on the Growth Eschericha coli and Bacillus cereus Bacteria

MS. Kelly stated, “I would like to extend congratulations to my five fabulous girls. I am proud of their accomplishments and enjoyed working with them. It will be exciting for me to watch these young women blossom into strong scientists at North Shore High school.”

Article and photo submitted by Ms. Kelly 

two students with science awards in front of banner