"Call To Action Project"

8th Grade “Call to Action” Research Project

Eighth grade teachers conclude research project with a “call to action” in collaboration with Helen Turner from the Glen Cove Holocaust Center

Eighth grade students have spent the last few weeks conducting research in English and Social Studies class on an issue or problem in the world today.  Students were empowered to choose an issue that was personally meaningful to them. By asking questions and conducting research students learned about the complexity of their issue and ways to solve it.  Next, students wrote a research argument paper using a variety of sources to communicate their findings. 

Eighth grade teachers wanted to create a “call to action” to spark students become activists.  Mr. Gordon stated, “We collaborated with Helen Turner of the Glen Cove Holocaust Museum’s education department to create a presentation and workshop to inspire students to take action. Helen talked to teachers about her passion to combat genocide as a 9th grade student and the actions she took to make a difference. Additionally, she created a presentation for students titled, ‘Understanding Impact and Deconstructing Symbols of Hate’ to educate students about the history behind symbols of hate.”

During the presentation, Ms. Turner gave students practical advice on how to respond to symbols and messages of hate that they encounter in their daily lives. She focused the presentation on how everyone, students and adults alike, can be an UPSTANDER and make positive difference in the world.

To complement Helen’s presentation, North Shore MS teachers launched workshops to help show students many exciting ways people have tackled problems. Teachers read powerful stories, showed empowering videos of hope, and shared social media movements to encourage students. Mr. Gordon said, “By utilizing the power of Helen’s presentation, faculty were able to motivate students to become leaders.”

A special thank you goes out to all of the MS educators involved in making this learning event and experience a truly memorable one. Thank you to the 8th grade humanities teachers including Noel Imbriale, Nicole Larkin, Chris Gill, Gaitrie Balli, Keith Freund, Sam Boniberger, Sue McLaughlin, Jess Donovan, Nina Livingston and Kristie Lieberman that planned the unit, learning activities, and worked with students throughout the learning process. A special thank you to the PTSO for their sponsorship of this event. In addition, thank you to Helen Turner from the Glen Cove Holocaust Center for partnering with North Shore to create such a powerful day!

To learn more about the Glen Cove Holocaust Museum please visit: https://www.hmtcli.org/

Article by Seth Gordon, Teacher Leader of MS Humanities
Photos by Shelly Newman