Budget Question of the Day – Video Explanation of the Absentee Ballot Process the Night of the Election

Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Dear North Shore Parents, Community Members, and Faculty,

Good afternoon, North Shore! We have been receiving questions regarding the absentee ballot process and wanted to focus today’s budget blast on it.

Q. Dr. G, we know that our absentee ballots must be returned to the Central Office by 5 pm on Tuesday, June 9, 2020, or they will not be counted. What happens if you receive them after 5 pm? Can you give us more information about what will happen to the absentee ballots on the night of the budget vote?

A. Yes. We understand that the voting process by absentee ballot is new to the majority of our community members. If the school district receives an absentee ballot after 5 pm on Tuesday, June 9th, it will not be counted, even if it is post marked earlier. To better understand the absentee ballot process, Trustees in our last Board of Education meeting (May 28, 2020) asked Laura A. Ferrugiari, Esq., a lawyer from Frazer & Feldman, LLP, to clearly explain what happens with the absentee ballots the night of the election on June 9, 2020. Please watch this video which is also posted on our website in the Budget section http://www.northshoreschools.org/20june/absentee-ballot.html
As you will see from the video, here are a few details that Ms. Ferrugiari summarized, “…As a firm we are providing information to all of our clients including North Shore to give detailed directions for the night of the election to reiterate what the law says with respect to the manner in which absentee ballots should be opened. The election this year, though it is different from all of the elections we have had in the past, does run on one similar premise, absentee ballots. There has always been absentee ballot voting in school district elections. This time, the difference is that everybody is voting by absentee ballot. What we are doing and what North Shore is doing in order to ensure again the integrity of its election is, we are following the Education Law by the letter…”
Q. Will you be able to livestream the absentee ballot process on the evening of Tuesday, June 9, 2020?
A. Yes. We are planning to livestream from the Central Office the school budget election process so that our community members can watch. There will be no sound. A link will be posted to the school homepage the day of the election. As in the past, legal counsel will be present along with security.
For more budget information, please see the budget/financial section at http://www.northshoreschools.org/boe/Budget.html. As a reminder, in order for them to be counted, absentee ballots are due back to the Central Office by Tuesday, June 9, 2020, no later than 5 pm.

All the best,
Dr. Peter Giarrizzo
Superintendent of Schools