Presentations to the BOE

Presentations to the Board Of Education

Below is a list of the presentations to the North Shore Board of Education. if you have any questions or would like to see the presentations, please visit our BOE Video section at or consult the Central Office at 277-7800.

2022-23 BOE Presentations

Athletics, PE and Health - Student Achievement - BOE Presentation

Humanities BOE Presentation on Student Achievement 12_15_22

North Shore Fine & Performing Arts Report on Student Achievement December 2, 2022


Revisiting the North Shore Strategic Plan

LIPA Revenue Challenges Presentation 8/3/22

LIPA PILOT PowerPoint Presentation from 4/7/22

Closing the Gap "How We Ensure Students Growth"

2021-22 BOE Presentations

BOE Presentation IB/AP (Dec 16/Jan 6, 2022)

BOE Presentation IB/AP (Jan 20, 2022)

New Posts

2020-21 BOE Presentations

MEMASI Presentation - Construction Update 10.13.21

2020-21 State and Federal Aid BOE Presentation

Goal 2: Wellness Technology Outdoor Learning

1/7 Humanities Presentation Video

12/17 STEAM Presentation Video

2019 K-12 Student Achievement Reports

- Humanities Report

- STEAM Report