Congrats Sea Cliff Fifth Graders!

Congratulations to all of the Sea Cliff fifth graders who graduated on June 17, 2022, in a ceremony held outside on the Sea Cliff School field led by Principal Jeanette Wojcik. The ceremony began with The Pledge of Allegiance and the singing of the Star Spangled Banner.

Principal Wojcik warmly welcomed the parents, family members, and friends in the audience and congratulated her fifth graders on this wonderful accomplishment. During this special ceremony, the graduates spoke beautifully about their goals, dreams, friendships, and numerous experiences at Sea Cliff School.

They also sang songs led by music teacher, Ashley Hasset-Bordes, and were each called to the podium to receive their diplomas in recognition of this unforgettable day. As the graduating class of 2022 was announced, all of their loving families, peers, and teachers in the audience proudly applauded with joy.  

Principal Wojcik spoke to her students about the importance of being kind, inclusive, unique individuals. She reminded them of, “You rise by lifting others up,” a well-known theme at Sea Cliff School.
Additionally, incoming Superintendent Dr. Christopher Zublionis, who was the prior principal of Sea Cliff School, shared with the fifth graders that while they were now the Sea Cliff Class of 2022, they were going to be the North Shore High School graduating Class of 2029! Interim Principal Jen Imperiale welcomed the fifth graders to North Shore Middle School and said how impressed she was with their reflections and that they were ready for sixth grade!
Congratulations and best of luck to the Sea Cliff Class of 2022! Have a great summer!

Article and photos by Shelly Newman