GWL Innovators Learn to Turn Abstract Ideas into Reality in the Creativity Cave Headquarters

Throughout the 2021-22 school year, Glenwood Landing students will get the opportunity to explore, discover, and innovate in the Creativity Cave Headquarters (CCHQ), one of many opportunities for GWL Students to foster critical thinking and problem-solving skills through School-Wide Enrichment Services (SWES).

The Reggio Emilia inspired classroom is founded on the belief that children are full of wonder and curiosity. Mrs. Audra Marcantonio said, “Our young learners are strong and capable citizens with a hunger to understand how the world around relates. The philosophy is student-centered using self-directed, hands-on learning experiences to guide exploration and discovery. GWL students construct their own investigations and demonstrate new learning through endless forms of expression.”

During the first weeks of school in September 2021, Mrs. Marcantonio designed her lesson plan to introduce the room and its discovery zones so that her GWL young innovators could explore, question, create and investigate. She said, “There are endless ways for the students to express their creations and new learning. Innovators turn abstract ideas into concrete reality.” After spending time at a particular zone, the students were invited to take a gallery walk around the room to gain inspiration from fellow thinkers. Mrs. Marcantonio continued, “My students were asked to reflect upon their own passions and create a strip of bulletin board demonstrating them. The trim will help make the CCHQ a special place where every child leaves a piece of themselves.”

Additionally, as students exit the space after nurturing their minds, the GWL learners were asked to state a positive affirmation into a mirror to cultivate their inner self. Mrs. Marcantonio concluded by saying, “Through this process of self-talk, students have improved self-confidence. This beautifully connects with the district-wide elementary character education program, RULER. The affirmations focuses on the question, “What is your best self?”


Article written with assistance from Mrs. Audra Marcantonio
Photos by Shelly Newman