GWL Learns About Being Global Citizens in the Outdoor Classroom

“Kids are a part of a global world and can serve as responsible citizens by taking little everyday actions”, said Mrs. Audra Marcantonio. “After tending to the garden itself, weeding, watering, studying its parts, my young GWL citizens were asked to depict different ways to engage in hands-on opportunities in the GWL Outdoor Classroom to help and execute civic duties. They selected the medium to express themselves including painting on art easels, acting out scenes with puppets, building with blocks, using chalk – to name a few!”

Some students painted recycling images, others constructed parts of a village including food pantries, homeless shelters, schools, and recycling factories. The puppet show plays included opportunities for role-playing to be inclusive which is a wonderful way to show empathy for others.

Roald Dalh once stated, "The more risks you allow children to take, the better they learn to take care of themselves." By giving students opportunities to learn outdoors in various mediums, they work outside of their comfort zones and become problem solvers with initiative and decision-making skills enhanced.

In addition, Ms. Marcantonio read, “It Takes A Village” to illustrate that we can all be committed individuals who have empathy for the community and the outdoor classroom at Glenwood Landing. She conclude by saying, “We collaborated and communicated to care for our space, showing respect for nature and the growing garden! As students build empathy toward others and the world around them, they develop a love, appreciation and respect for nature and all that is living. Outdoor education fosters this respect.”

Article and photos by Shelly Newman with direction from Mrs. Audra Marcantonio