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Interim Superintendent
Mr. Robert Chlebicki
Assistant Superintendent for
Ms. Olivia Buatsi
Central Office Secretary
Betty Ciampi
Central Office Secretary
Joan Gargano
Central Office Secretary
Lois Straber
Ms. Bridget Finder
Main Office Secretary
Antonella Sarno
Main Office Secretary
D'Amico, Yvette
Computer Technology
Mr. Elliot Kaye
Elementary Humanities
Ms. Devra Small 
Elementary STEM
Dr. Carol Smyth
Fine & Performing Arts
Ms. Dalia Rodriguez
Foreign Language
Ms. Toni Macdonald
Physical Education
Mr. Don Lang
Public Relations
Ms. Shelly Newman
Special Education
Mr. Thomas Korb
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Email Links
Agon, Ana  
Bailey, Debbie
Barry, Patti  
Capobianco, Diane
Catelli, Mary  
Curcio Larry
D'Amico, Yvette  
Demmler, Sheree  
Edelstein, Rebecca edelsteinr@northshoreschools.org
Edwards, Keryn edwardsk@northshoreschools.org
Esposito, Rafaela
Filippone, Rose
Finder, Bridget
Gatti, Dominic  
Gilburne, Lisa gilburnel@northshoreschools.org
Grassi, Kathleen  
Greenfield, Rebecca  
Greggo, Barbara  
Gyi, Melina
Hasselmann, Colleen hasselmann@northshoreschools.org
Hemmerdinger, Jessica  
Iakovou, Callie iakovouc@northshoreschools.org
Inzerillo, Rosemarie  
Kaye, Adrien kayea1@northshoreschools.org
Kersten, Barbara
Lacomba, Stacey 
Lavey, Bianca laveyb@northshoreschools.org
Leddy, Deborah
Lein, Nicole  
Leonard, Karen leonardk@northdhoreschools.org
Liechtung, Gila  
Matalon, Brittany  
Mazzocchi, Liz
McIntosh, Don
Muff, Elaine  
Mulvey, Melissa mulveym@northshoreschools.org
Nigoghossian, Gia  
Ottosen, Jill
Pasi-Knox, Diane
Phelan, Sara phelans@northshoreschools.org
Pourakis, Paula
Qadir, Chris
Rizzotti, Christina
Sarno, Antonella
Shay Scott, Margaret  
Sheehan, Ingrid  
Sondo, Jeannette
Stanis, Celine
Volk, Christine  
Walsh, Jennifer
Welch, Donna Jean
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