Middle School and High School Students Win NYU's Mandarin Movie Competition

New York University announced the results of the Rock That Movie 2021 Mandarin movie competition at the virtual Awards Ceremony. Participating students from North Shore Middle School and High School watched it together with their families and teachers. The students did a fantastic job. Middle school students won First Price-Middle School Division. Mandarin 2 (9th grade) won Honorable Mention. Mandarin 3 (10th grade) won the Overall Grand Price, the champion of all grades. Mandarin IB SL 1 (11th grade) won Second Price in Content & Story-Telling. 

This year is the fourth year that we participate in this event. Every year students demonstrate a higher level of language proficiency, independence, and maturity. This year, in particular, students needed to overcome the difficulty of not having a Mandarin club to have teachers' in-person supervision, hybrid learning mode with fully remote students and working during spring break in their hotel rooms. However, they did such a great job. From Febuary to March, they met half an hour after school every week with Ms. Li and Ms. Xie, during which students discussed the plot and roles of each person, arranged time to shoot each scene according to which cohort is in school which day, created shared Google Drive to drop each person's clips, practiced reading each line, etc. All grades did the shooting independently, two of which required the recording of virtual meets. They truly demonstrated the quality of Thinkers, Problem Solvers, Communicators, Collaborators, Innovators, and Committed Individuals. The theme of this year's Rock That Movie is Nothing Can Stop Us Now, which is a perfect description of our students. Congratulations to all! Below is the link of their movies: 

Middle School: First Price-Middle School Division

Mandarin 2 (9th grade): Honorable Mention

Mandarin 3 (10th grade): Overall Grand Price

Mandarin IB SL 1 (11th grade): Second Price in Content & Story-Telling 


Article and photos by Cynthia Xinyuan Li, Mandarin Teacher Article by Shelly Newman

Photos by Adrienne Daley