Middle Schoolers Attend Virtual MoMathlon at HS
Prior to February break, twenty North Shore Middle Schoolers in Grades 6-8
celebrated mathematics and team spirit by participating in the virtual MoMathlon tournament, presented by the National Museum of Mathematics (MoMath)! In past years, it has been hosted at Stonybrook University. Ms. Amy DiMeola, Director of Secondary Math and Technology said, “Teachers who have brought teams before insist on returning year after year. The opportunity for students to grow mathematically is unsurpassed; the problems are clever, engaging, and challenging; and the atmosphere is exciting for students and teachers alike.”
The MoMathlon tournament takes place over the course of one school day.  Students put their thinking and teamwork skills to the test with three rounds of mathematical problems: the Individual Round, Team Round, and Mix-Up Rounds.  Following competition rounds, an expert educator will lead students in a discussion of the solutions, exploring new ways of reaching the answers and inviting students to share their problem-solving strategies with their fellow budding mathematicians.
Throughout the tournament day, students socialize with friends, new and old, and enjoy mathematical brain teasers and engaging warm-up activities. Finally, top scorers compete in an exciting Tiebreaker Round.  Winning teams are recognized with awards, and all students receive a certificate of participation to commemorate their hard work. It is a challenging and educational experience that is favored by all that attend. Thank you to the Sea Cliff MAKEShop for providing bags of wonderful things for all those North Shore Middle School children that attended the 2021 MoMathlon.

Article submitted by Amy DiMeola, Director of Secondary Math and Technology.
Article and photos submitted by Amy DiMeola and Shelly Newman