HS Peer Leaders

Peer Leaders

NS High School Peer Leaders

Every year, a select group of North Shore High School seniors apply and are chosen to become North Shore High School’s Peer Leaders under the direction of Dr. Caitlin Kirmser and Ms. Rachel McAree.

Peer leaders are mentors to the incoming freshmen class.  They also serve as role models within the high school community with increased awareness around relevant peer issues. This year the Peer Leaders were able to provide an in-person orientation with small groups of 10 high school freshman prior to the start of the newschool year. 

Ms. McAree said, “There are 64 seniors participating in the program this 2020-21 school year; they are working hard to support the ninth graders' transition from middle school into high school, which has been more complicated this year than any other due to the pandemic.”

Currently, the Peer Leaders include Angelica Abbondandolo, Gianna Albanese,
Rose Ancona, Emma Arboleda, Abigail Banner, Caroline Baptista, Isabella Barretta,
Christopher Bartlett, Robert Brown III, Anna Calamis, Brandon Centeno, Marianna Chebuske, Jackson Cooperman, Francesca Corozzo, Michael Cristofari, Gillian D'Amico, Kayla DePalma, Natalia DiFeo, Jules Firouztale, Hayley FitzPatrick, Christina Forsander, Isabella Fuentes, Kaitlyn Gaeta, Isabella Gannon, Laurence Gemme, Michael Gimondo, Giuliana Graziosi, Camille Gonzalez, Ashton Guss, Kathryn Haff
Lauren Hagen, Ezekiel Hert, Sasha Hirsch, Aiden Horstmann, Cole Jacklin, Luke Jacklin
Mckenzie Johanson, Celia Labbate, Gavin Lacy, Jack Ledden, Joseph Lehane, Kayley Lehane, Scott Lenney, Jack Levin, Elizabeth Lockwood, Madalyn Lutz, Aiden Mandell
Lucia Martin, Emma Morley, Cassandra Nochowitz, Christina Pais, Ariadna Pavlidis-Sanchez, Jack Pepe, Isabela Perez, Henry Rieger, Ian Roach, Sam Rosencrans
Sophie Rosencrans, Sara Rush, Alexandra Stoff, Matthew Symbouras, Isabella Tedesco
Audree Toner, and Ryan Wezwick

Article written with assistance from Ms. Rachel McAree and photos by Shelly Newman