16 Students Inducted into HS National Art Honor Society

Congratulations go out to the following 16 students who were inducted into the North Shore High School National Art Honor Society on Wednesday, October 21, 2020:
Chrystal Coleman, Neda Fellows, Lauren Hagen, Hannah Ikawa, Gretchen Kotz, Anna Kulikowski, Grace Lisena, Finley Livingston, Genevieve Morton, Emma Murtha
Allison Ryder, Hannah Schoen, Abby Schwab, Jacob Snayd, Haley Waiksnis, and Chae Won Yun.

Members of the National Art Honor Society have completed Studio Art and at least one upper-level art class with a grade of 90 or above. They are also currently enrolled in at least one art class at the high school. Students apply to the NAHS with the understanding that they will complete at least 10 hours of art-related community service and activities throughout the school year.

NAHS students exhibit a desire to develop and challenge themselves through creating and learning about the visual arts. They are accepting, inclusive and supportive of all NAHS members and the community at large in their involvement in creating and learning about art. They help bring their passion and commitment to the visual arts by becoming involved in arts-related service projects throughout the district and in the local community.

Article and photos provided by Ms. Lynn Johnson and Ms. Sara Cano