123  Inducted National Honor Society

123 Students Inducted into the National Honor Society at North Shore High School
North Shore High School is proud to announce that 123 students were inducted into the National Honor Society on October 24, 2019. The qualifications of selection fall into three major categories - leadership, service, and character.

Students must fulfill many qualifications to be admitted into the NS High School National Honor Society. Examples of criteria are as follows: demonstrates academic initiative, is willing to uphold scholarship and maintain a loyal school attitude, consistently exemplifies desirable qualities of behavior (cheerfulness, friendliness, poise, and stability), demonstrates leadership in promoting school activities, is willing to represent the class or school in inter-class and inter-scholastic competition, participates in some outside activity, volunteers dependable and well-organized assistance, shows respect for others, contributes ideas that improve the civic life of the school, successfully holds school offices or positions of responsibility, and observes instructions and rules including punctuality and faithfulness both inside and outside of the classroom.

The students included Kenneth Aebly, Anthony Caprarella, William Ciniski, James Coutsoukes, Brooke Geoghegan, Jack Gottfried, Gabriella Harbord, Aidan Mannix, Georgia Ritter, George Sanoulis, Nicole Smith, Angelica Abbondandolo, Olivia Aikman, Gianna Albanese, Rose Ancona, Anthony Anzalone, Emma Arboleda, Ariella Babaev, Caroline Baptista, Isabella Barbetta, Lauren Belanger, Jackson Best, Sophie Blumenthal, Robert Brown III, Isabelle Butt, Anna Calamis, Thomas Caldwell, Lucas Castle, Marianna Chebuske, Logan Citko, Jackson Cooperman, Michael Cristofari, Gillian D'Amico, Elizabeth Denley, Daniel Eisenstein, Jules Firouztale, Christina Forsander, Kaitlyn Gaeta, Vasilis Ganasoulis, Dhruv Gandhi, Isabella Gannon, Gannon Gemme, Michael Gimondo, Camille Gonzalez, Giuliana Graziosi, Matthew Grinberg, Ashton Guss, Kathryn Haff, Lauren Hagen, Michael Heffernan, Ezekiel Hert, Sasha Hirsch, Jamie Holzmann, Aiden Horstmann, Cole Jacklin, Luke Jacklin, Mckenzie Johanson, Jake Juettner, Gretchen Kotz, Anna Kulikowski, Philip La Rosa, Celia Labbate, Gavin Lacy, Kevin Larkin, Jack Ledden, Scott Lenney, Aidan LePorin, Jack Levin, Bridget Lewis, Grace Lisena, Caleb Loring, Emma Malone, Aiden Mandell, Isabella Marchese, Lucia Martin, Grace McGinley, Andrew McLellan, Nicholas Mele, Lillian Molesky, Emma Morley, Julia Morrissey, Sarah Moughal, Collin Murphy, Dylan Nerud, Cassandra Nochowitz, Emma Novikov, Christina Pais, Oliver Palone, Noelle Pappous, Carson Paradis, Samantha Passuello, Ariadna Pavlidis-Sanchez, Nicholas Perciballi, Henry Rieger,Ian Roach, Daniel Romano, Matthew Rosen, Sam Rosencrans, Sophie Rosencrans, Nina Ruisi, Sara Rush, Catherine Salditt, Andrew Saridakis, Jason Saulle, Hannah Schoen, Margaret Smith, Alexandra Stoff, Richie Sun, Sophia Susi, Matthew Symbouras, Isabella Tedesco, Audree Toner, Luke Vaccaro, Javis Vermeersch, Haley Waiksnis, Joden Wang, Kate Weseley-Jones, Kyle Wolf, , Ryan Wezwick, Elijah Bratter, Elizabeth Lockwood, and Brandon Zhu.

The National Honor Society Induction Ceremony took place under the leadership of Principal Albert Cousins and Dr. Caitlin Kirmser. The keynote speaker was English teacher, Mr. Robert LaBlanc. Congratulations to all!

Article and photos by Shelly Newman