North Shore High School Masquers’ Play

Bravo Cast & Crew of "Rumors"

Rumors, a Neil Simon production, was performed by the North Shore Masquers’ on November 17th and 18th in the North Shore High School theatre under the direction of Mr. Robert Wilgoos. Congratulations to the cast, crew, and everyone who worked so hard to put this presentation of “Rumors” together.

A standing ovation goes out to the cast for all of their talent, and humor including: Madeline Podaras, Blake Mandell, Harry Lockwood, Olivia Bross, Richard Cuite, Corinne Heffernan, David Swett, Danielle Smith, Darcy Winter, Marianna Oropallo, Gabe Dranow, Naren Na ndakumar, Peter Tzotchev, and Thomas Yamond.

Bravo to the Production Crew including Julia LiVigni, Ambrose Pompea, Marianna Oropallo, and Darcy Winter, the Stage Crew including Kate Sweeney, Colin  Sweeney and Amanda  Woods. Kudos to Prop Masters Matthew Stanton and Hannah Crabb, Riley Altman, Rocco Agostino, Isabelle Butt, James Bloom,  Ryan Cho, William Dunphy, Nancy Fernandez, Gyan Hawkins, Kyra Kiggins, Talya Morea, Naren Na ndakumar, Emma  Novikov, Griffin Olitsky, Elizabeth 0swald,  Tessa Piesback, Christiane Podaras, Matthew Stanton, Colin Sweeney, Elizabeth Sweeney, Peter Tzotchev, Samantha Woods, and Thomas  Yamond.

Congratulations to the Light and Sound Crew including Erin Stanton, Lidia Sferrazza, Dylan McGinley, Sonja Rose Bogolubov, Veronica Drescher, Max Gibson, Jacob Lando, and Brooke Whitcomb.

Hats off to the Video and Photography Crew including Sebastian O’hara, Kathrine Klingenberg plus, the Costume Crew including Julia Lanotte and Elma Thorarinsson, Mikayla Carleo, Shea Edelman, Nora Lewis, Bridget Lewis, Nicole Palmetto, Christiane Podaras, Christina Pavlidis, Hannah Schoen, Alesandra Sicuranza, Nicole Smith, and Irene Zachariadis.

Photos by Shelly Newman

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