Sea Cliff Team Win Dash Robots in Competition

Congratulations to The Dasher Detectives: Aaryan Vira, Seamus Hughes, Thomas Reynolds, and Graham Lippert) who each won a Dash robots in the Wonder League Robotics Perfect Score Round of the competition.

Two Sea Cliff's teams earned a perfect score in the competition and advanced to the Perfect Score Round earlier this school year. Teacher Mrs. Mary Hill said, “The teams were required to complete a mission by coding a robot (Dash) to drop ping pong balls into two out of three cups. Dash had to sense the cup that had Dot (another robot) on it. The same program had to work three times with Dot moving to a different cup each time.”

Mrs. Hill added, “In addition to coding the robot, the students had to build a device to hold the ping pong balls that would release one at a time and submit a journal of their trials. Plus, a video introducing the team members. Our students worked very hard to accomplish the very challenging mission as well as the other requirements.”  Congratulations to all!  

Article assisted by Mrs. Mary Hill. Photo by Mrs. Michelle Tanner

Students in robot competition

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