5th Grade North Shore Basketball Shoot-Out

Under the supervision of the Elementary Physical Education teachers at the North Shore Schools, every 5th grader in the district participated in the North Shore Basketball Shoot-Out where they competed in ups and free throws.

After all of the initial scores were totaled, the top five girls and 5 boys from each elementary school competed on February 15, 2017. The North Shore Basketball Shoot-Out finals took place in the gymnasium at Sea Cliff School while parents and friends eagerly watched eagerly and cheered from the bleachers!
Congratulations go out to the top girls in the fifth grade:

  • 1st Place was a tie: Hayley Ayres (Glen Head School), Emma Prioli (Glen Head School), 2nd  Place: Sofia Martini (Glenwood Landing School), and 3rd Place: Julia Kiser (Glen Head School )

And, high-five’s to the top boys in the fifth grade:

  • 1st Place: Jack Molesky (Glenwood Landing), 2nd  Place: Matt Ciancilli (Glen Head School), and 3rd Place: Tyler Cook (GWL)

Thank you for all of your enthusiasm, sportsmanship, and determination. You all were amazing!

Article and photos by Shelly Newman

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